Baw Baw IT

Business: Baw Baw IT

Business Address: PO Box 734 Drouin

About the business:

Baw Baw IT is the IT service provider you needed yesterday!

We offer a full suite of IT services all included in a singly monthly plan at a fixed price fee.

We are invested in your success, with the focus on your bottom line. But it’s not just about profit, or even productivity, but about your happiness, and your team’s happiness.

Our key focus is stress reduction. Everything that goes wrong in business leads to stress: personal stress, stress to your team and stress on your customers and finances.

Well managed, smooth-running systems help to maintain and optimise productivity, keep team members and customers happy and build your bottom line.

We keep your systems running smoothly by proactively monitoring and managing them 24 on 7. We catch issues before they occur.

Cybersecurity is a key concern. We have an outstanding record. In nearly 20 years, not one of our clients has suffered a serious cybersecurity incident.

Availability and accessibility are key. When you need us, we’ll be there to help.


Business Phone: 1300 01 66 73

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