Oh My! Dinner for two at O. MY!


Oh My! Dinner for two at O. MY!

This weekend it was my birthday and anniversary so I wanted to go out for an child free experience. I chose O. MY in Beaconsfield as I have been there before and the food is amazing, the service is remarkable and on a side note, the toilets are my favourite – so I know the owners take pride in their food and their customers.  Oh my, and they have two chefs hats, which is always a bonus.

About the restaurant

O. MY has been operating since 2013 in Beaconsfield Victoria and was opened by the Bertoncello Brothers Blayne, 28, Chayse, 24 and Tyson, 31.

At O.MY, 100% of their produce is grown on their own farm in Cardinia.  Their dairy produce is sourced from a local dairy and the meat comes from a gourmet butcher.  You pay for a set degustation menu which is based on seasonal produce from their farm. If you have dietary requirements they will cook a meal that will suit your needs.

The team’s passion for food and wine is evident as their team explain the ingredients of the meal to you and the flavours you will taste with every course.

The entire O.MY team is involved in the farming process and the chefs visit the farm several times a week to pick for the restaurant.  Their list of awards and accolades is extensive with the restaurant also recently appearing on Master Chef in Series 9 in 2017.

Oh My … The food 

This visit to O. MY met my high expectations of their food based on my previous visits.  Each and every one of the meals were amazing for different reasons.  To commence our experience, we were presented with multiple tastings including a single char grilled baby carrot, asparagus, cucumber, zucchini, potato and many more delightful treats.  From there we experienced a course of tomatoes in broth and a course of beetroots and cream. Other courses included potato crisps on top of potato with chicken jus. I also thoroughly enjoyed the sirloin steak which even had marbled fat throughout which I ate, much to the shock of my husband. I normally like to cut every inch of fat off my meals, however this just melted in my mouth and was amazing paired with the jus created with sour dough culture.

Each meal had an amazing tenderness and the flavour explosions were consistently apparent as the night went on.  I found myself savouring the spoonfuls of each course and trying to decipher the flavours that were hitting my pallet.

To finish we had two dessert courses, one of which looked like a plate of dirt.  The waiter explained that this final course was inspired by the soil where they grow their produce. Since taking over the production of their soil O. MY have increased their fresh produce production by 300%.  Much to our confusion, we tasted the dessert which ended up being apple ice cream topped with smoked barley, hops and lemon… I think.  Let’s just say, it was a surprising burst of smoky flavours.

I know I have not given the meal the creative justice it required, so I can only recommend that you get down there and give it a try yourself to truly experience this amazing restaurant.


  • The Seasonal Menu – $115 per person 
  • Beverage Matching – $90 pp
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverage Matching – $55 pp

Based on the eight course meal we ate, the $115 price tag per person was very reasonable for a special night out.  This is not somewhere to bring the kids, but it is definitely a great location for anniversaries or just a nice adult only dinner.


This is one of those restaurants where the service is amazing and you are carefully monitored without the service seeming intrusive.  Whether you have 2 or 4 guests, your meals are brought out to you at the same time.  Two staff appear at your table and place the meals on the table at the same time.  One staff remains to detail the meal’s ingredients, how they are farmed or made and the preparation process.  On completing the course, your plates are taken away, table wiped down and in between all this if you have taken a sip or two of water, your glass is topped up.  While it sounds very busy it is all done in a subtle way where you don’t feel intruded on.


The ambience in this restaurant is dark and cosy with a modern feel.  It seems they update bits and pieces of their décor regularly as slight and subtle changes have been made each time I have visited over the past few years.  Indy music is gently playing in the background as you eat which I felt did not detract from the meal but matched the food, venue and the staff perfectly.


As I mentioned, the toilets here are my favourite.  On entry to the toilets the lights and music come on.  I have always thought it was odd that we should do our business in quiet.  My favourite part of this room though is the items they supply here.  If you need, you can get a hold of some cotton tips, floss, hair pins, hair spray, female hygiene items and more. They certainly want to make sure we are looked after, which speaks volumes to me.

O. MY Awards

  • Two Hat Award – Good Food Guide 2018
  • Sunday Herald Sun, Delicious.100 Restaurants – 2017 – Ranked No. 20, Top 100 Restaurants
  • Savour, Australia Restaurant & Catering, Hostplus – 2017 Awards for Excellence Vic  & Tasmania
  • Winner 2017 National Contemporary Australian Restaurant – Informal
  • 2016 Casey Cardinia Business Awards – Winner Hospitality Award
  • Australia Restaurant & Catering Hostplus Awards for Excellence Vic  & Tasmania
  • Winner 2016 Contemporary Australian Restaurant – Victoria Regional/Tasmania
  • National Winner 2016 Contemporary Australian Restaurant – Informal
  • Savour Australia | Restaurant & Catering | Hostplus
  • Awards for Excellence Vic  & Tasmania
  • Winner 2017 Victoria – Contemporary Australian Restaurant – Informal
  • One Hat Award – Good Food Guide 2016 & 2017
  • 2017 Casey Cardinia Business Awards – Winner Hospitality Award
  • Australia Restaurant & Catering Hostplus Awards for Excellence Vic  & Tasmania
  • Winner 2016 Contemporary Australian Restaurant – Victoria Regional/Tasmania
  • National Winner 2016 Contemporary Australian Restaurant – Informal
  • Victoria Winner Restaurant of the Year 2016
  • Sunday Herald Sun Delicious.100 Best Restaurants 2016 – Ranked 20, Expert Top 100
  • Ranked 19, People’s Choice
  • Ranked Number 16 – TimeOut 50 Best Restaurants in Melbourne 2016
  • Australia Restaurant & Catering Hostplus Awards for Excellence Vic & Tasmania
  • Winner – Restaurant of the Year 2015
  • Head Chef, Blayne Bertoncello – Finalist Young Chef of the Year – The Age Good Food Guide 2016 

In Summary

O. MY is now my favourite restaurant in this area for a special night out. Great food, amazing service, small and cozy. You can’t beat this for value or quality anywhere in the City of Casey.



About this blogger

In no way do I consider myself a food critic, I am not a great cook and I am not the most adventurous when it comes to eating.  However, I do like eating out for breakfast or dinner as it has become our date night activity, or more often than not, our family outing.   My family consists of a 2 month old and a 5 year old child, my husband and I.  However we often go out with extended family for birthdays or a general get together.   As such, my reviews of my time out at restaurants including looking at the décor, the overall taste of the food, the cost, the suitability for children or not, and most importantly, the service.  Plus every now and then you might see a review of the toilets. I feel that a venue shows it’s appreciation of it’s customers if it has well looked after toilet facilities.