This week we were invited to visit Salts of the Earth in Narre Warren South to experience a Salt Therapy treatment. I had recently become aware of these types of treatments and understood that the treatments were to assist with breathing however I didn’t know they are also suitable to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Basically, Salt Therapy is the process of breathing in salt infused air in a relaxing, salt lamp lit environment which they call salt caves for 45 minutes while listening to soothing music.  The rooms themselves have salt on the walls and floor and there is a subtle exhaust fan that blows across fine salt particles and creates a fine mist of salt air that you unknowingly breathe in.  At first you might notice the air around you looking misty and a slight salty taste in your mouth, and then you simply notice that you are relaxing in the massage recliners.  I myself do not often allow myself time to sit and relax or take much time for myself.  This experience was truly a treat. I left feeling calmed and I was breathing well.  I took my 2 month old baby in with me and while he cried for a few minutes to start with, mostly due to the fact that he was tired and needed a nap, after that he fell asleep and also enjoyed the benefit of the salt therapy.  He has had a blocked nose for a week now so I am looking forward to seeing if it helps clear his congestion. For more information on the therapy and it’s benefits visit the website.

The Narre Warren clinic is tucked away off Ormond Road and is one of the Salts of The Earth’s two clinics owned by local Andrew Davey, the other of his clinics is located in Pakenham.

The Salt of the Earth clinic includes a children’s room, an adults room and a private room.  The children’s room is complete with massage chairs for adults, child sized recliners a television and toys.  The floor is heaped in salt, which I was told the children play in like sand.  The children don’t know they are doing anything that is good for their health, they are simply playing while they are touching the salt, which is excellent for their skin as well as breathing in the salt air.

Treatments start from $39 a week for unlimited sessions for adults, which is very reasonable if you can get results for skin conditions or to help you breathe easier or even to do some meditation and relaxing.

Owner, Andrew Davey opened his first Salts of the Earth Franchise in March 2014 with his first in Pakenham after having been extremely sick with a persistent chronic cough of many years.

Andrew had been doing salt therapy traveling as far as Traralgon 2 times a week to get symptom relief that no medication had been able to provide.  His wife (in intensive care paramedic) and himself both doing shift work at the time had young kids and one of them needed to change from shift work.

Narre Warren has been Andrew’s home for over 20 years and with a lot of community involvement in the Narre Warren CFA as a firefighter of the brigade for the past 21 years, Andrew felt like Narre Warren or Narre Warren South was the logical choice to place their second centre and help serve the Casey and Cardina areas together.  Events like a local community day at the shopping centre allowed Andrew to combine having the fire brigade present and his business as well which was a proud moment given the support his fellow brigade members have shown them.

All Salt of the Earth clients are offered a free consultation in which they will discuss any conditions they have and recommend a plan of management.  Management plans for Adults start from $39pw for unlimited sessions per week. and child management plans are from $49pw.  Consistency is the key with salt therapy, and most clients start at 2-3 sessions per week.

For more information, contact Salts of the Earth


Shop 12, 101 Seebeck Drive Narre Warren South, VIC 3805 Australia(03) 9796 6228




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